Monday, January 22, 2018

2018 Flower Shares

The Petals & Sprigs Flower CSA will be back this summer! Smaller and more streamlined, and with a cuter little delivery assistant, I'll have bouquets weekly from June - October.

Read this for more information.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Flower CSA 2016

I'm very excited to be offering a Flower CSA again this summer:

Setting up the CSA table in 2015, with lots of options for members to choose from.

The support and encouragement I got from my CSA members last year was incredible! It was so nice to see people every week, to hear which flowers they liked best, and talk about how the seasons were changing.  I'm deep into my plans for next year, and am getting excited about all the beautiful new flowers I'm planning on growing.  I can't wait to see everyone again in June, and to hopefully make some new flower-loving friends too!

Working on the Thanksgiving bouquet, 2015
For more information, including the answer to "What is a CSA anyway?" please look here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 Plans

I've forgiven myself for failing at keeping an updated blog this past year, and am now just going to try to post sporadic updates here.  And there will be lots of exciting updates to come this year! 

Here are a few things in the works for my little farm this year:

June 2015 will mark the start of the Petals & Sprigs CSA, and I can't wait to start delivering flowers every week to this small group of flowers lovers.  I still have a few more spots if anyone is interested in weekly flowers grown just outside of Waterloo.

And speaking of just-outside-Waterloo, my flower field is moving this year to Grazing 365, the farm of the very kind Darrell Roes, located near Baden, Ontario.  Pictures to come when there is something to see.

I am happy to be returning to the Uptown Waterloo Market this summer.  It's a great little market located right in the heart of uptown Waterloo Thursday afternoons.  The market is looking for more vendors, if you have a small business in the Kitchener-Waterloo area consider applying!

I have plans to do the flowers for a few weddings so far this year, and I could take on a few more events this summer or fall.  If you're looking for locally grown, seasonal flower arrangements for your wedding, baby shower, or maybe just a big dinner party, send me an email! I'm always happy to talk about flowers and explore whether the things I grow will work for your special event.

Bridal bouquet I made last year, with my amazing Mom holding it.  She helped me the whole day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A long overdue update

I guess spring was busy, because all of a sudden it's summer.  For those interested, here is a photo montage of what's been happening at Petals & Sprigs.

 Spring arrived a little late, and May started out like this:
My unplowed field.
I started thousands of little plants in our kitchen, and they lived in our backyard until the field was ready.
Little baby cilantro plants, nearly as impatient as I was.
Beds slowly got made, plants slowly started to go in the ground by the middle of May.
Sweet peas on their first day in the ground.
At first there were a lot of hand tools involved, eventually a walk-behind tractor joined the farm and my life got a little bit easier.
Broadforking to loosen up the soil.

Raking out weed clumps.

Hand tools and transplants.  The title of my first country album I think...
It slowly started to look like a farm by June.
Finally getting there.
And then it very quickly looked like a farm.  Spring is like falling down a hill, everything starts picking up speed and spinning a bit.
Lots of crops, quite a few weeds too!
I started selling at the Uptown Waterloo Farmer's and Crafter's Market on Thursday afternoons, where I get to talk to some awesome people.  I had some fresh herbs ready by the beginning of June, and quite a few plants to sell.
Fancy market display.
And finally by the end of June I had some flowers to sell too!
Trying to bring posies back in fashion.  Tiny bouquets are where it's at!
It's been a long and tiring spring, full of learning and challenges, but I'm so proud of what I've accomplished so far.
Dawn.  The best time to water, and take pictures.

Hopefully I'll do a better job documenting things from now on.