Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Kitchen/Greenhouse

Did a spaceship land in my kitchen?
 Since it's my first year, I don't have a greenhouse to start my seeds in.  Actually I don't have much of anything at all, so I improvise.  Right now all the trays of herbs- and flowers-to-be are living in out kitchen, formerly home to a table.
Who needs a kitchen table anyway?
I scavenged a metal rack from out basement (formerly home to some organization), and hung florescent lights from the shelves.  Everything is wrapped up snugly with a couple hypothermia blankets and tin foil to reflect light and keep them warm overnight.

Things are going surprisingly well so far, although it's taking a lot of effort to keep the humidity high enough, but prevent mold from growing on the soil surface.  I have been waking up at night and running downstairs to check on things.  Still, there have been signs of life.  In between late night visits, I dream of having my own greenhouse one day.

Which I would also wake up to check on.