Flower CSA

Fresh, Local Flowers in 2016

This year I am again offering a Flower CSA, a weekly subscription program where you pay in advance for a freshly picked bouquet of sustainably grown flowers delivered once a week throughout the growing season.

What is a CSA? 

Lots of bouquets to choose from at a September pick-up
"CSA" stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is a popular way to support local growers and buy directly from farmers.  Members buy a "share" of the farm in advance, and receive a portion of the harvest throughout the growing season.  As a grower I benefit from receiving cash early in the season when I have the most expenses.  Flower CSA members benefit by receiving a regular supply of beautiful, local, and incredibly fresh flowers.

When and where will I get my flowers?

The Petals & Sprigs Flower CSA will run for 16 week starting (hopefully) the third Tuesday in June and ending the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, in October.  (These dates are estimates and depend on spring weather, but the CSA will run for 16 weeks even if it starts a week later.)  The pick-up location will be the Extend A Family parking lot at 91 Moore Ave. in Kitchener, between 3:45 and 6:15 pm on Tuesdays.  This is the same time and location of the Fertile Ground CSA Tuesday pick-up.
Wildflower style bouquet

What will I get in my CSA share?

Early September bouquet.
One bouquet per week will be available for pick-up in Kitchener.  Bouquets will usually be made of cut flowers, occasionally herbs and edible flowers can be displayed the same way (and then eaten!)
Your flowers will usually be cut the morning before you pick them up.  This means that, unlike grocery store or florist bouquets, your flowers spend most of their life in your home.  Freshly cut flowers have a much longer vase life.

How much will it cost?

Thanksgiving bouquet
The cost for 16 weeks of fresh-cut, locally grown flowers is $160.  This works out to $10 per week.   

Early season bouquets will be slightly smaller than later season ones, as the flowers I have available changes with the season.  The CSA will end with a Thanksgiving centerpiece arrangement.

A (non-refundable, sorry!) deposit of $30 is due when you sign up.  Half of the remainder ($65) is due on April 1st, and the rest (still $65) on June 1st. 

Sign me up!

I am only offering 30 CSA shares, so please reserve your spot early if you are interested!

Email stephanie@petalsandsprigs.ca to claim your flowers.
Large early fall centerpiece.  Look forward to flowering kale at this time of year!


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