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Photo by Jaime Coyle Photography
I am currently booking weddings for the 2016 season.  If you'd like to talk about how Petals & Sprigs could provide fresh, sustainable flowers grown right outside Kitchener/Waterloo for your event, email me!
Photo by Jaime Coyle Photography
Why buy local flowers?
Just like with food, customers are starting to question where their flowers are coming from, and how they are being grown.  Buying directly from a local flower farmer ensures you get the freshest flowers, often picked the day before your event, instead of flowers that have been flown in from California, South America or beyond.  Buying from a local farmer means you can also ask how your flowers have been grown.  Petals & Sprigs follows organic growing methods, which means that no pesticides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers have been used on my flowers.  From travel distance to growing methods, local flowers are the environmentally conscious choice.
Bridal bouquet + farm clothes, a study in contrasts.
Petals & Sprigs offers several ways you can buy local, sustainably grown flowers for your special event:

Bulk order of sunflowers for a wedding in August 2015
Bulk Orders:
If you're feeling inspired and want to arrange your own flowers, I offer bulk buckets of flowers.  I can help you plan the timing of your delivery, and where to store them until your event.  And if you book early I'm happy to plant specific flowers and colours for you.  
Ready to hit the road.
I deliver in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, and sometimes beyond.  Email me for more details.

Full Service:
Photo by Jaime Coyle Photography
I design, grow, arrange and deliver flowers for weddings and other special events.  My style is natural, loose, romantic, fragrant and whimsical.  Contact me to talk about how we can work together for your special day!

Photo by Jaime Coyle Photography

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